About me

Personal Details

[1] Master of Biomedical Engineering [MBiomedE]

Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering, University of New South Wales, Sydney, AUSTRALIA.

[2] B Eng (Mechatronics Engineering)

School of Engineering, Monash University, MALAYSIA.

[3] Senior Member,

Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (SMIEEE)

[4] Graduate Member (Mechatronics),

Board of Engineers Malaysia (GradEng)

[5] Member, World Association for Chinese Biomedical Engineers (WACBE)

[6] Good Clinical Practice Certification (2016), National Bureau of Pharmaceutical, Ministry of Health Malaysia.


I'm a graduate in both Biomedical Engineering, and Mechatronics Engineering. This is a synergistic application of engineering technologies for application in human being, and industries for the overall betterment of life.

We are indeed in a very exciting era. Ever-changing technological advancements have made various improvements possible. The challenge is to make these technologies Available, Accessible, Affordable, and Acceptable which is the integral part of sustainability.

Passionate on various key issues revolving enabling technologies in education; healthcare; and generally technological application in daily living that will make life more enriching in turns making the world a better place gradually.

For the past decade as an educator, volunteer, biomedical engineer, and mechatronics engineer, its evident that advancement of technologies have enable life to be more connected, exciting, and an integral part of our daily life. Hence, it will be empirical that adoption of these technologies to be sustainable.

Technological solution are multi-dimensional, multi-stakeholders, and multi-disciplinary. Hence, it will be vital to develop solution that fulfils the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), initiatives from the United Nations.

Leisurely, I enjoy traveling, culinary tasting, and keep abreast with tech gadgets.

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Never stop exploring, and learning new things daily.

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Professional Activities

I have been an IEEE volunteer since 2007 starting as a Member. In 2012, I have been elevated as Senior Member of the Institution. Ever since, the following are some of my recent volunteering commitment:-

  1. Mentor, IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (IEEE-EMBS) Student Mentoring Program (2021 Session)

  2. Funding Coordinator, IEEE R10 Student Activities Committee (2021 - 2022 Session) | Link

  3. Honorary Treasurer, IEEE-EMBS Malaysia Chapter (2021 - 2022 Session)

  4. Honorary Treasurer, The Institution of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Malaysia Section (2019 to 2020) | Link

  5. Advisory Committee, IEEE- Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society Malaysia Chapter (2018 to 2020) | Link

  6. Advisor, IEEE-EMBS UTAR Student Chapter (2019 to current)

  7. Subcomittee Member, IEEE Humanitarian Activities Committee Education Committee

Area of Expertise

Broad Areas of Interest

Education; STEM Education; Bioinstrumentation; Regulatory Requirements; Training & Workshop Organisation; Automation; Internet-of-Things; Humanitarian Technologies; Human Factor Engineering; Clinical Biomechanics; Biomechanical Instrumentation; IoT in Healthcare

Volunteered in various causes in professional bodies internationally, and locally. Served as office bearer in various roles from event managements to society management.

Humanitarian Projects

IEEE MySIGHT4Rehab Special Interest Group in Humanitarian Technology, 2013 to current a. Part of Humanitarian Technology community services by the Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, USA under the Humanitarian Activities Committee initiatives

  • Basic guiding principles were in accordance to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

  • Development of Intelligent Rehabilitation System for Children with Movement Disorders

  • Few prototypes were commissioned, and tested throughout the years

    • HandCycles

    • Exoskeleton System

    • Powered Orthotics System

  • Projects involving various stakeholders namely the Spastic Association, and NGOs that are involved in providing rehabilitation services

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